4 Healthy Eating Tips to Consider for Road Trips

September 14th, 2017 by

Road Trip

When it comes to holiday breaks or vacations, road trips can be a great way to enjoy both the journey as well as the destination. However, people tend to pack lots of snacks for the road, which makes healthy eating tricky. Fret not, because it’s actually really easy to follow your diet or avoid unhealthy foods throughout your journey. Just keep these four key points in mind, and your trip won’t be spoiled by guilt, sugar crashes, and other consequences of unhealthy eating.

Plan Ahead

When people want to eat healthy but don’t, it’s often due to the convenience of unhealthy options. If you haven’t done any research into healthy food options along your route, you aren’t setting yourself up to succeed. Look up healthy restaurants in the areas you’ll be passing through and at your destination. Note what times you’ll probably arrive so that you don’t mistakenly plan on a place that’s closed by the time you reach it. For particularly fresh baked goods and other prepared foods, try to time your stay with the business hours of a local farmers’ market.

Get a Cooler

The best snacks for a road trip are fresh produce like fruits and vegetables, and for a road trip you’ll want to keep them at their peak with a reasonably sized cooler. For instance, you could slice up an apple or some celery sticks with some peanut butter. You’ll also have cold bottled water anytime, which rehydrates you far better than juice or soda. Drinks from the cooler will also help someone cool down if the climate control isn’t reaching them very well.

Protein Snacks

While fruits and vegetables are great, protein helps keep you alert and is especially helpful for whoever’s driving. For a few protein snack ideas, you could bring Greek yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, or direct animal proteins like natural jerky. Nuts and seeds are also high in protein, and if you want to really prepare, make sandwiches in advance with some sort of nut or seed butter, or mix up some tuna and make tuna salad sandwiches. Try to avoid packaged protein bars, however, as simpler foods are nicer on your body.

Healthy Carbs

The average road trip involves a lot of carb-heavy snacks like potato chips, or really sweet snacks that turn into fat just as easily. The healthiest carbs you can get are complex ones, which don’t turn into sugar quite as easily. Simple whole grain bread works nicely, as does popcorn and baked potatoes. You could even dice up some onions and other veggies with hardboiled eggs and the potatoes for a potato salad that will stay fresh in the cooler. Avoid whole grain crackers as they tend to encourage overeating.

As you can see, you’re hardly forced to eat whatever gas station packaged foods you find during your rest stops. With a little preparation beforehand and some research into the places you’ll visit, healthy eating during a road trip is no more difficult than healthy eating at home.

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