4 Places That Have the Best Burgers in Nassau County

February 9th, 2017 by

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As the part of Long Island that borders New York City, one thing that Nassau County doesn’t lack is delicious burger joints. Still, there are good burgers, and then there are amazing burgers, and there are only so many places on Long Island that serve the second type.

Legends on Broadway

Legends on Broadway is a bar and grill that serves American-style food but with a lot more care and attention than you usually get from a family restaurant chain. The mozzarella sticks are homemade, the mac and cheese has lobster and scallions, and the hand-pressed burgers have a dozen different toppings you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Legends also offers turkey burgers and crab burgers for customers looking for something different.

Unsurprisingly, Legends on Broadway sits on Broadway in Hicksville right across from where Hazel Street and two more roads meet.


Churchill’s sits a block and a half away from the Sunrise Highway on South Park Avenue in Rockville Centre. Churchill’s is a bar that looks a lot older than it is. But you shouldn’t let that stop you from enjoying the classic menu or all the new touches added to it. For instance, the Steak House Burger uses 10 ounces of the highest quality steak. They top it with a beer-battered onion ring and homemade steak sauce, wrapped all in a toasted potato roll. The other burgers come in more traditional combinations, but they’re no less mouth-watering.

The Burger Spot

The Burger Spot is right by the train tracks on Seventh Street in Garden City. The restaurant makes a point of offering a simple menu with high-quality ingredients, and this includes offering ground meat (and ground-vegetable) patties of almost every kind. Along with beef and turkey, you can get ground bison, chicken breast, a salmon fillet, a crabmeat patty, a vegetarian patty created by The Burger Spot, or a Portobello mushroom. You can choose to assemble your own burger, pick one of the specialty burgers, try a salad instead, or just buy the meat patty by itself.


DirtyBurger is a place in Plainview in the Manetto Hill Mall, and it’s what you get when a trained master chef decides to create a restaurant that adds his personal touch to burgers and steaks. The menu starts off with the original DirtyBurger, a 7-ounce Angus beef burger dipped in Chef Ian Russo’s Dirty Dust spice blend, grilled with honey, and served on a soft bun. You can also go with ground turkey instead, and almost every menu item has a gluten-free option. Other options include barbecue ribs, steak, fish, and a Dirty shake.

A burger doesn’t have to be fancy to be good, but it certainly helps. Moreover, it definitely needs more effort than what you get from your average fast-food restaurant. While there may be even more great burger places in Nassau County than the ones on this list, make sure you visit at least one of them to find out what greatness really tastes like.

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