Buy Cars Online with Platinum Volkswagen

You shop for almost everything online, so why should your next new or used car purchase be any different. For years, there was no easy way to buy cars online and drive them home to Long Island or Huntington. Now, that’s all changed with the advent of Online Shopper. Find out how to use this online car buying service and start a new adventure with Platinum Volkswagen today!

What Is Online Shopper?

Online Shopper is the first program of its kind: One which allows you to find, finance, and finalize your new or used car purchase online! By using real time inputs in connection with our extensive Hicksville lending connections, Online Shopper can locate and guide you to the very best vehicles and auto financing opportunities. Throughout the process, the program will use your answers to develop a personalized purchasing and payment plan, tailor-made to your unique circumstances!

How to Buy Cars Online with Online Shopper

  1. Select Your Vehicle – Start your search for a new or used model in the same way you always would, by browsing the extensive inventories at Platinum Volkswagen! Once you’ve found a car, truck, or SUV that has everything you want, hit Explore Payment Options to move forward with your Online Shopper purchase.
  2. Provide Information – Hitting this button will open a new tab, where you’ll answer several questions about your driving habits and your financial history. Using this information, we’ll help you put together the perfect financing package and claim any rebates that might apply.
  3. Describe Your Trade-In – Do you have a vehicle that you’d like to trade in? If so, tell Online Shopper about your current model’s year, make, model, and condition. If you don’t have a vehicle that you’re trading in, you’re free to move on to the next step.
  4. Enter Your Down Payment – Aside from the money earned by your trade-in, how much will you be putting towards your down payment? Note that you won’t actually make the payment at this time. This information will only be used to calculate your finance offer.
  5. Compare Offers and Choose Your Terms – The information you’ve provided should allow Online Shopper to show you several exciting financing offers! Compare loan terms, rates, and other important factors to settle on the ideal plan.

Finalizing Your Purchase

By this point, you’ve already determined your down payment, described your trade-in, and chosen your preferred financing offer. It’s time to complete your purchase:

  1. Make Your Credit Application – After you’ve chosen an offer, Online Shopper will direct you to a simple, easy-to-use form so you can apply for your auto financing package online! Since the offers were chosen based on the information you’ve already provided, you can be confident about your chances moving forward.

If you do complete your credit application, you’ll receive an automated email that will let you return to Online Shopper and finish the purchase. If you decide to take a break and come back to buy cars online at a later date, Platinum Volkswagen will contact you with the next steps.

  1. Explore Your Final Terms – If you’ve completed all of our forms correctly, you’ll receive a Final Terms Sheet displaying your interest rate, your monthly payments, and other important information. This is also your chance to add accessories and other upgrades!

Why Should You Take Advantage of Online Shopper at Platinum Volkswagen?

Platinum Volkswagen is your trusted Hicksville VW dealership, and over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for making the purchasing process as simple and as streamlined as it can be! Now, we’ve made it easier than ever to buy cars online near Nassau County or Huntington. Our customer reviews speak for themselves.

For some drivers, the desire to talk to a real person is the main reason they’ve never tried to purchase a car over the internet. Rest assured, when you use Online Shopper with Platinum Volkswagen, you’ll be able to reach our team for help and support at any time! Online Shopper gives you the opportunity to go it alone, but our friendly and helpful staff members will still be right there with you, every step of the way.

Do you have questions about your chosen finance package or the available offers? The experts in our finance department are never more than a phone call away.

Start Your New Adventure Today!

Whether you’re searching for Volkswagen sedans and wagons or Volkswagen SUVs that have everything your family needs, you’ll find so much to get excited about with Platinum Volkswagen. Now that you’ve learned how to buy cars online in Hicksville, there’s no reason to wait! Get started and take your test drive today!

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